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As I meet with companies through my travels, there are recurring themes to the lack of data and analytical success: a lack of data and analytical strategy tied to organizational goals, skills gaps to making smart, data-informed decisions, and workplace culture. These roadblocks must be remedied for an organization to capitalize and truly realize success with their data and analytical objectives.

To help address this, Qlik is now offering a brand-new class where one of our instructors comes to your location to teach your teams how to create a data literate organization. It is focused on three main subjects: 1.) data literacy and foundational knowledge throughout the data literacy spectrum, 2.) culture and key characteristics that will help organizations weave the DNA of data throughout the enterprise, 3.) how to make smart data-informed decisions. Through this new course, individuals and organizations can truly start to empower the organization’s workforce to make smarter decisions with data, moving the needle for true gains in data and analytical strategy. Let’s look at the 3 sections in more details...

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