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Looking to be Data Literate? Begin with Curiosity!

Data literacy is everywhere, but don’t know where to begin? Start with a curious mind....


It has been said that curiosity killed the cat, well, in the case of data and analytics, curiosity brings success.

In the world of data and analytics, we are hearing a lot more about data literacy, and the reality is, data literacy is vitally important to companies and their cultures to succeed, but most people are asking: where do we begin? There are many steps and things that can be done to build the right data literate culture, infusing success in data literacy throughout an organization, but there is a certain mindset that needs to permeate throughout the organization: curiosity. What does it mean to be curious within analytics? Why is curiosity such a vital mindset to have within the world of data literacy?

To read the full article written by Jordan Marrow (Qlik Global Head of Data Literacy) visit Looking to be Data Literate? Begin with Curiosity! | Qlik Blog

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I see that the Data Literacy Certification/Exam are free, but can't tell if the Data Analytics Certification is also free. Is that free for QCC members?