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Hi to All,

I have Pivot table and have 2 columns like Product and Opening Quantity.

I have two buttons like Visible and Invisible buttons.

when i click on "Visible button" ,i want display the Opening Quantity Column.  When i ll clik on "Invisible button",i want hide that "Opening Quantity Column"

pls help me

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Re: Buttons

Hi chandra, you can create a variable like vShowOpQuantity, one button sets the value to "1" and the other to "0" (you can do this in only one button if you want)

Then you can check "Conditional" in the expression based on the value on the variable: =vShowOpQuantity

Re: Buttons

My Example

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Re: Buttons

Hi Ruben

thanks for ur reply

but i cant get it.

pls give me complete navigation


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Re: Buttons


i have personel edition

pls give me navigation

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Re: Buttons

Have a read on the link:

Enhancing the User Experience Using Conditional Expressions - Part II

This explains how to make use of Conditional Show to sheets/objects

Re: Buttons

Menu config --> variable panel --> Add --> set vShowOpQuantity as name

In button "visible button" add action--> External-->Set variable.  Name:vShowOpQuantity Value:1

In button "invisible button" add action--> External-->Set variable.  Name:vShowOpQuantity Value:0

In Chart, tab Expressions, check Conditional and set =vShowOpQuantity

Re: Buttons

You can do this even with only one button:

) define a variable in the script: LET ShowHide = 1;
) add a button where in the text write: =If(ShowHide = 1, 'Hide', 'Show')
) Add in triggers -> external -> set variable in the upper textbox write: ShowHide, in the lower textbox write: =If(ShowHide = 1,0,1)
) in your expression write in "Conditional" textbox: ShowHide=1 or ShowHide=0

Let me know

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Re: Buttons

Hi to all,

thanks to all for ur replies

Re: Buttons

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