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Coronavirus: Do You Know Your Data?

Have you been confused by the language you're seeing in relation to COVID-19 data? We want to help you unpack the mathematical terms and data that surrounds us as the pandemic continues to disrupt life as we know it. 

Over the next weeks, Kevin Hanegan,  the Chief Learning Officer at Qlik and the Learning Advisor to the Data Literacy Project is going to  help to explain to you the statistical statements you’re coming across. Together with a number of his fellow advisors from the Data Literacy Project, he wants to help you better understand what the data is saying, ask the right questions of data and help to put everything into context.

In our first episode, Kevin spoke with Alan Schwarz, member of the Data Literacy Project Advisory Board and Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer, formerly at The New York Times. They discussed two crucial terms – flattening the curve” and “exponential”.

Read the full article here.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Informative Anita 🙂