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Currency conversion salesforce example

Hi all,

I'm new here and downloaded the salesforce project as reference for a problem I've been having.

I have various currencies and wish to throw them into an input box as per the salesforce example, so that conversion is performed on a table box column on the fly. I also want EUR to be default.

I've inferred some points and read through the official Qlikview pdf tutorial for others but I just can't seem to figure one thing out: I get what's going on in the 'currency' script - it's creating several tables and referencing the previous one each time for clarity based on whether the initial table has several currency rows (attaching the script as reference).

What I don't get (probably amongst other things) is why in the properties of the currency input box, under pre-defined values it has:

=concat(distinct CURRENCY,';')

I simply want my currency data to be separated as new lines as one would expect from an inpux box (and how it is currently displaying with salesforce) but because I'm concating my values, they're separated by ';' as instructed.

Once this is done I need to think about converting the values to EUR in my main table, so that it displays the amounts in the currency selected from the input box.

Please be as informative as possible if you've the answer as I'm new here - provide me with actual resources I can learn from if you can't be bothered to type much. Also I'm currently trialing Qlik and therefore cannot open external files easily. If I complete my first project with it (looking good so far), I'll go ahead and purchase a personal license. Thanks so much!


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Re: Currency conversion salesforce example


In an input box you can pre-define the set of values to choose from.  In this case, the input box consists of a list of currencies from the data model (from the CURRENCY field).  The syntax needed to produce a drop-down list of values is to separate the values you want to use with semicolons.  So this function:

=concat(distinct CURRENCY,';')

Results in the following:


This is the list of values that are then shown in the input box.


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Re: Currency conversion salesforce example

@tks Thanks for the speedy reply Terry, however this isn't working for me!

Here is a screenie of my script (same as the salesforce one): http://i.imgur.com/HHaal33.png

Here is a screenie of my botched input box: http://i.imgur.com/E91QmvJ.png

And here is a link of my input box constraint settings: http://i.imgur.com/GE9K3Vx.png

Please help!

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