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Display only weekdays on line chart

We are creating a line chart using day a dimension and we would like to only display weekdays (Monday through Friday, not Sat and Sun). Is there a simple way to do this without deselecting the "show all values" box and make a calculated dimension based on an if statement.

Thank you!

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Re: Display only weekdays on line chart

Hi Roya, not sure of how is your data or if you have a date field, you can try set an if in expression like this:

If(weekday(fecha)<5, expression)

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Re: Display only weekdays on line chart

For Week End only use this dimension:

=if(Num(WeekDay(xDate))<5, WeekDay(xDate))    for labour week

=if(Num(WeekDay(xDate))>4, WeekDay(xDate)) for Week End

where xDate is your field DATE


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