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Export to Excel/Saving with filename


I'm hoping someone can help me with Macros ('cos I've never used them before).  I've spent the day copying code from the community but can't seem to get any of it to work.

I'm trying to output a straight table to Excel and save it with a filename based on an index/field value from my model.

I've used the following macro, which I stole from here:

     set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH85")

     obj.ExportBiff "C:\TEMP\test.xls"

Can anyone give me an idea (or better yet, complete code) to allow me to selct an field value (JASPER) from a multibox and run a macro that will save the table as JASPER.xls.



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Master II
Master II


Try to find APIGuide.qvw. There are useful examples that will help you to get the content of the field.

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Thanks whiteline, I poked around the APIGuide yesterday but couldn't see anything obvious (with my lack of knowledge of macros).  I'll have a more thorough look today.