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Expression from data


I was working with Qlikview and have stuck in this case.

I have this sample data








And I need to make a chart which the result is

A     Expresion

10     20

20     70

30     90

40     40

Anyone have any idea for this case? really need help here.

Thank you.

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Re: Expression from data

maybe with an expression like


if(Expresion = 'B+C', sum(B)+sum(C),

if(Expresion = 'C+A', sum(C)+sum(A),


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Re: Expression from data

Could you please give us some more information about your business case Paulus?

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Re: Expression from data

Hi Massimo Grossi,

Thanks for your reply.

Your solution is great, and it's working well. But, What if the expresion field is added more data? Do you have any solution so I no need to add the expresion manually?

Thank you/

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Re: Expression from data

Hi Agis Kalogiannis,

Thank you for your reply.

My user is want a flexible expression for his dimension, because sometime for one dimension it's just a fix value, but for another dimension is a formula, and the formula can be different between dimension.

I hope it can help.

Thank you.

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