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Filter Ignored in Load

Hello.  I'm relatively new to Qlikview so if I leave out any important info please let me know and I'll get back to you.

I'm trying to load data into QlikView from SAP using an OLAP connector (I'm being asked to use OLAP as it works best to fulfill a few other requirements).  My problem is that the query I'm using contains filters on the data (eg. Records with no associated user name are excluded).  However, when I go to load the data into QlikView, the filters on the query are being ignored and all of the data is being brought in.

I'm curious if I'm missing some sort of option or line of script that will cause the load to acknowledge the filters in the query.  If at all possible, I'd rather keep the filters in the query rather than replicate them within the program as this program is expected to automatically update the data periodically and the filters on the query may change.

Again, I'm fairly new to all of this so please let me know if I'm not clear on anything or should include other information.  Thanks in advance.  Any help is appreciated.

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