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Management Console Log File

Hello my friends, I am new on the community. I would ask you about the management console log file.

Is there a log for audit the action from operators?

I have an issue with one schedule in a Job and I need to know if the job doesn't take the changes of schedule or if there is a operator that has changed the execution schedule.

Estimados! Muy buenas tardes!

Soy nuevo en la comunidad. Espero algun dia pueda aportar un poco en este todo de soluciones que he recibido de ustedes. Pero como se imaginaran esto no sera hoy.

Amigos, existe algiun log de la management console? Necesitaria auditar las acciones realizadas en la misma.

Desde ya muchisimas Gracias!!

Gabriel Taglioretti

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Re: Management Console Log File

this is from QMC help online, system -->setup --> management service


On the Auditing tab, it is possible to manage the settings of the tracking of changes on tasks and settings made by users in the system. The audit log stores information about the users, the changes, and the time stamp.


This check box indicates whether the audit logging is turned on (ticked) or off (unticked).

Note! It is not possible to enable the audit logging on this tab, but auditing must be turned on in the Management Service configuration file, QVManagementService.exe.config, found in the directory C:\Program Files\QlikView\Management Service. Changing any of the parameter values requires a restart of the QlikView Management Service (QMS).

Audit Files


The full absolute path for the audit logs.

Days to Keep Audit Logs

The number of days that the audit logs are saved. Logs older than this setting are overwritten by new logs.

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