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More about QlikView Mobile App


can anyone please tell me that weather we can implement something more or something extra in the qlikview mobile application..???

that is how we can make it more user friendly..???

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Re: More about QlikView Mobile App

Hello Anita! Im not that experienced, but I'll tell you what I already know=)

First of all, its important remember, that mobiles (smartPhones and even pda) are not that powerfull. so avoid using complex formulas in the diagrams. You should make objects, taht  can be simply displayed and simply updated after a users choice. Big pivot table is a bad idea for mobikes for example. A pie chart is better, for example.

Also its important that a moble device (smartphones and some pda's (depends on its version and OS version)) dont show a hole sheet, it shows one diagram per one screen ( even its put in a container!!)

If you want to make a good app for mobikes, you should know the real scenario of making a decision, that is used by the user. So you can make the best coice of objects and formulas. you can, for example, implemenr ranking and put the top-5 in the first screen, if it's  teh main thing the user needs/

Hope it helped in some way,

Good  Luck,


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