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Movement of Objects While Projecting A Qlikview Presentation

hey guys !

I am new to Qlikview and exploring it , I have been following a lot of blogs on this forum , and they are very helpful to me ,

I am facing a Problem when i deploy my qlikview file on a projector ,

All the objects on sheets and even the background images move , and i have tried resizing it and everything ,

The problem is , when you open the file (while on a projector) , it is not the same as on normal desktop ,

Even when we transfer a Qlikview file between desktops , there are minor miss placements of background and certain objects on the chart , when opened on any other computer ,

Is there any way to avoid these?

Please help me

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Re: Movement of Objects While Projecting A Qlikview Presentation

Usually, when we connect a laptop to a projector, the resolution of the laptop changes so as to adjust with the resolution of the projector.

That's why the application looks different.

If you notice (and I think this is the case here) the objects do not actually move randomly, they zoom in comparing to the background image, so they move out of the visible borders of your application.

One way of dealing with it is to try to keep always the same aspect ratio in the the resolution. Also whether you use Normal or Smaller fonts in your Windows settings might be relevant.

For example, two machines with the same resolution, the application will look totally different if one machine uses Smaller fonts and the other Normal fonts.



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