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Offset trouble

Hi all,

I am currently trying to verify the accuracy of the temperature forecast in my home town, and to do so I would like to compare the forecast temperatures and the real temperatures. So I have loaded both forecast and real temperatures in Qlikview and I would like to overlap them in the same chart.

But here's my problem: both sets of temperatures are linked to the same timestamp, therfore I have an offset equal to the prediction time between the two. I would like to rid myself of this offset by creating a new dimension that would itself have an offset, so I could then link each temperature to its own dimension and overlap the two sets of temperatures.

However I cannot do that because it would mean having 2 expressions and 2 dimensions, which is not supported by Qlikview.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this problem?



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Re: Offset trouble

Something like this maybe:



     RealTemp as Temperature,


     'Real' as Series

FROM ...real_temperatures_source...


LOAD ForecasteTemp as Temperature

     TimeStamp + Offset as TimeStamp

     'Forecast' as Series

FROM ...forecast_temperatures_source...

Use TimeStamp and Series as dimensions.

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Re: Offset trouble

Great! Thanks Gysbert you put me on the right track.

I used OUTER JOIN and it works fine!

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