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Qlikview Certification

Hey Friends,

I want to do Qlikview Developer certification. I read all the thread related to certification. But I need some sample questions or paper for practice. Does any one has material for this please share with me.



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Re: Qlikview Certification

Hi Bhawna

You can visit the Qlik Training website, following the link below:


On the right hand side, you'll find two very interesting links:


for Free Certification Practice Questions, and

QlikView Skills Assessment | Qlik

where you can work on some multiple choice questions, to test your skills and to prepare for the exams.

I hope this helps.

Please let us know if you need something else.



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Re: Qlikview Certification

I already do the assessment,but I need more question to practice,anyways thank you


Re: Qlikview Certification


There are free practice questions here, just choose which certification exam you are practicing for: Find Training | Qlik

Hope this helps,


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Re: Qlikview Certification

Hi Bhawna,

Wondering if you had any luck finding additional practice questions...  I am currently preparing for the exam and have found that only a handful of sample questions are available.  There are some great books available with practice data and prompts, but there is nothing like prepping with sample questions!

Did you wind up passing the exam?  Any words of wisdom for preparation?

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Re: Qlikview Certification

Hi David,

I didnt get any practice questions,and if you dont mind can you share the name of the book for the certification perspective. I am refering Qlikview 11 Developer,Cookbook and Reference manual. If you have any other option please share with me.

and you can refer following link too

QQotD (Qlik Quiz) - QlikView Blog, QlikView Videos and Tips at QlikShare

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Re: Qlikview Certification


There are a few others published by the same company that published the materials you referenced. I am currently going through the cookbook as well and plan to check out, ‘Qlikview Scripting’, ‘Mastering Qlikview’ and possibly ‘Learning Qlikview Data Visualization’.

Good luck in your studies – feel free to reach out with updates!



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Re: Qlikview Certification

I have already Scripting and Data Visualization thank you for mentioning Mastering Qlikview

Thanks David

regards Bhawna

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