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Qlikview Data Architect Certification

Does anyone know why the number of questions is down to 60 from 70 in the newly named Qlikview Data Architect certification exam?

I am to appear for the exam in a few hours and would really like avoid surprises. :-)

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Re: Qlikview Data Architect Certification

Hi Chandra,

They have reduced the number of questions from 70 to 60, but have increased pass percentage from 70% to 73%

We cannot predict the have made the paper from difficult to easy by seeing the number of questions or easy to difficult by seeing the hike in pass percentage.

So the exam will filter the candidate with appropriate decisions based on the skills they have.

Prepare well for your exam, do it relaxed 2 hours is enough, comment how was your exam if you wish to do so

that other will have an idea to take it and all the best.


Taj Mohamed

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Re: Qlikview Data Architect Certification


Where does one find the " Qlikview Data Architect" documentation / diagram / study materials?

Please advise / share links.



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Re: Qlikview Data Architect Certification

QV12DA is same as QV_Developer_01 only minor updates on newer12 but it has same exam domain as pervious version and you can find some documents for v12 updates in the internet


Re: Qlikview Data Architect Certification

Hi Chandra/Taj,

Even I am planning to attempt QV Data Architect in a couple of data. Could you please share your experience and also the best ways to prepare for examination?



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Re: Qlikview Data Architect Certification

You can determine your skill by asking yourself that whether you can answer the questions posted in the community.

Next the exam is not at all easy that we think, the person only with a good skill can clear it.

You can't guess answers but only if you know what the exact answer you will pass.

Don't waste money until you are purely in confident with all concepts from A to Z mentioned in exam domain areas http://www.qlik.com/us/services/training/qlikview-certification

Exam dumps, qlik apps or sample questions will surely make you fail so don't trust on any paid or free sites or partners for that. Your 100% real time work and self study will make you pass.

All the best for your exam


Re: Qlikview Data Architect Certification

If you're preparing for the Qlik Sense Data Architect exam, I would recommend the following steps:

1. Go to https://www.qlik.com/us/services/training/qlik-sense-certification

2. Expand 1) Exam Prerequisites, 2) Recommended Preparation Resources, and 3) Exam Domain Areas, and take note of the recommendard preparation steps.

Hope that helps, and best of success on the exam.


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