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Dear aLL

i Have to variable


vMaxDate=Max({1<Year=$::Year,Month=$::Month,Quarter=$::Quarter,MonthName=$::MonthName,Day=$:Smiley Very Happyay>} PeriodDate)

i am Seeing the YTD profit using

PeriodDate={">=$(vYearStart) <=$(vMaxDate)"}

I need to Seen the same Period of Time as per last year

help please,

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Time

Maybe like this: PeriodDate={">=$(=addyears($(vYearStart),-1))<=$(=addyears($(vMaxDate),-1))"}

If not, please post a qvw document that demonstrates the problem.

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Re: Time

You can try with Addmonths() also

PeriodDate={">=$(=Addmonths($(vYearStart),-12)) <=$(=Addmonths($(vMaxDate),-12))"}

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