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**URGENT ASSISTANCE REQD** Cross tab function

Hi guys,

               Ok ive been using Qlikview for a little while now, so far so good.......I have come across a requirement for the import of an Excel sheet today, that I just cant get my head around.

I think the crosstab function is what I need - but don't seem to be able to get the right data coming through, nomatter what I try.

The problem (as per the attached) is that the layout of fields looks nice in Excel - but doesn't translate well at all into Qlikview. Im basically looking to replicate this sheet, but for week \ location & split by Rigs & operatives

If anyone can help with my load script, it would be greatly appreciated

apologies for the screenshot - the excel sheet contains links to other sheets & Im not permitted to share the entire sheet

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Re: **URGENT ASSISTANCE REQD** Cross tab function

Hi Chris

In this example I had to replicate your excel file and load it twice for the two different tables, Operatives and Rigs.

Can you please have a look and let me know if this is what you're looking for?



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Re: **URGENT ASSISTANCE REQD** Cross tab function

Hi Agis,

              Thats looking much better ! (thank you)......the only additional thing i can think that id need, is week number (apologies, theyre on the first row of the example, but are un-labelled)

is there a way of getting week  number in there too ?

thank you very much again



Re: Re: **URGENT ASSISTANCE REQD** Cross tab function

Good morning Chris

I modified the script a little bit so as to give you the week numbers as well.

We don't need to load the numbers from the original xls file, since week numbers can be easily calculated, using the week() function.

If this is what you want, can you please mark the discussion as answered so as to close it?

Thank you

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