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Year Issue in Chart

I am trying to create simple chart with Dimention Year with expression sum(sales)

i am getting one extra field with "_" after all the years in X axis.

i am not getting why i am getting it and how to avoid it. Can anyone helpme to resolve.



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Re: Year Issue in Chart

The reason is that In your model there are sales not associated to any year, the - you see means null values, in your chart in the dimension tab check the "suppress when value is null" box, you shoult even take a look to your model (How's that there are sales without year?)

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Re: Year Issue in Chart

Through Diemsion tab i have acheived it. but i am still confused. Can you explain more what i have to do in data model


Re: Year Issue in Chart


try this hope it will help you

this is because you not suppressing the null value

check the suppress when value is Null




Re: Year Issue in Chart

Hi Sandeep

In your data model, there might be products that have never been sold or customers that might have not placed any orders.

All the above cases give us a Null value in the Facts table as a foreign key (since there is not existing Order to associate with them). This null is not associated with any year, so it appears as a separate value in your chart. That's why you see this extra value.

You can suppress it by following the above instructions.

I hope this clarifies the situation.



Re: Year Issue in Chart

send me the image of your data model

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