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count of keywords?


i need to know how to script a expression to count the number of times a word appears in a column?

could you please assist?


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Re: count of keywords?


Sum(if(Comments = '*BlackBerry*', 1 , 0))

let me know

Re: count of keywords?

Hi Marvin, for a sample data like:

LOAD * Inline [



aid BlackBerry

BlackBerry 2

other words


You can use an expression like:

=Sum(Aggr(If(Index(words, 'BlackBerry'), 1, 0), words))

Re: count of keywords?

This is better:

Sum(if(WildMatch(Comments, '*BlackBerry*')>0, 1 , 0))

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Re: count of keywords?

hi ,

Thanks Alessandro it works ...... awesome stuff....

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Re: count of keywords?

thanks i will do this for the inline .... awesome stuff

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