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date range selection

HI All

i have one data filed name is "Posting Date"

i need one expression like sum(Qty),but i have one condition in this expression that is it must show total Qty from starting Date to selected date.i am created calender by using variables like vFromeDate and vToDate.

my condition is

sum({<"Posting Date"={'>=min("Posting Date")<=$(vToDate)'}>}Qty)

this is not worrying so plz help any one.

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Re: date range selection

Try this:

sum({<[Posting Date]={">=$(=min([Posting Date]))<=$(vToDate)"}>}Qty)

Important is further that [Posting Date] has the same format like min([Posting Date]) and $(vToDate) what I assume is rather unlikely so that you need additionally formatings, like: date(min([Posting Date]), 'YourFormat')

- Marcus


Re: date range selection

Thanks Marcus

i will try

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