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i have a problem

in below sheet i need to retail line which have only Stock(abc) and CustomsCleared(abc) if anything with  CustomsCleared(abc)/xyz i need to remove that line and retain only the line which have  Stock(abc) and CustomsCleared(abc) please help me on it i am new to qlickview and trying to learn new things



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Re: issue

Not enough information, so I'll use assumptions:
1. You load data from this excel file into a QV app.
2. You want to eliminate records which contain '/' in the SupplyStatus

If this is true, than

WHERE wildmatch(SupplyStatus,'*/*')=0;

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Re: issue


Thanks suggestion but i need to eliminate the line which contains any thing

after stock () and customs clearance() for example if it is customs

clearance()/ abc and one more line contains customs clearance() i need to

eliminate the line which have customs clearance()/abc and need to keep the

line which have customs clearance

Looking forward to hear from you



On 16-Feb-2015 9:34 PM, "Michael Solomovich" <qcwebmaster@qlikview.com>

Esteemed Contributor III

Re: issue

This is exactly what my suggestions will do.  Give it a try.  Maybe you'll need to clarify your requirements after that.

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