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RAM Calculation QlikView App


RAM Calculation QlikView App

It is important to get an understanding of the amount of RAM that is consumed by the QlikView Server (QVS). Factoring contributing to the amount of RAM that is consumed are listed below:

  • Source Data Size
  • Compression Ratio %
  • File Size Multiplier
  • User RAM Ratio
  • Number of Concurrent Users

The attached RAM Calc QlikView app provides the ability to enter the above factors in determining the amount of RAM required by QVS.

It is important to understand that the above factors are not an absolute in determining the amount of RAM that is required. Other factors contributing the amount of RAM needed by QVS are, 1) usage patterns, 2) the construction of the application, and 3) the environment (hardware, software, and network).

In any event, the RAM Calc app will provide an approximation of the amount RAM needed.

Comments for improvement are always appreciated..

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