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How Lending Institutions use Qlik

Video Link : 4036

2016-02-08 14_54_35-Qlik Sense Desktop.jpg

The above video was recorded for the purpose of discussing Qlik Visual Analytics uses cases for lending institutions.  There are three areas discussed:

  1. Pipeline Analytics - Approval ratios, Conversion ratios, Days to Fund, Prioritizations, etc
  2. New Business Volume - proforma profitability of newly funded business
  3. Portfolio Analytics - performance of a loan portfolio over time

The first demo is using data from a company called "The Lending Club" that is a P2P FinTech lender that has made its loan data publically available on this site:

Lending Club Statistics - Lending Club

The four .CSV files were downloaded and imported into Qlik Sense to develop the demo discussed in the video and the demo is attached to this post.

Things to look out for:

  • 700K records analyzed; aggregations NOT pre-built but all calculated on the fly
  • All metrics use weighted averaging based on loan amount (yield, credit score)
  • Dynamic Compound Annual Growth Rate
  • Natural language "Dynamic Variance Analysis" provided by Qlik Partner Narrative Science
  • Trended Yield/Interest Rate for total portfolio held on chart to compare to Trended Yield/Interest Rate for selected portfolio.  Achieved through a differentiator call "Set Analysis"
  • Global Search across entire data set (for example, search on "60 months AZ 2014" for all 60 month term loans originated in Arizona, in 2014.
  • Scatter diagram on second page provides some visibility into the pricing practices at the Lending Club.

Extensions needed for this application:

Narratives for Qlik® | Free Narrative Extension for Qlik Sense® | Narrative Science

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The Lending Club posted Q1 2016 data today and I reloaded the data in the attached app.

Things to look for:

  • Loan Growth has slowed significantly (to 25% CAGR from prior quarter)
  • Interest Rates have increased partially due to increase rates on lower quality loans

Below is a snapshot of lower quality loans (Grades C through G)

2016-05-10 07_49_32-Lending Club - New Business Volume _ App overview - Qlik Sense.jpg

File is attached, download into your Qlik/Sense/Apps directory:


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi, everybody.

I've just added a "translation layer" into this great app (translated to Portuguese-BR).

Thanks, @PaulVanSiclen!

Download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36282838/Lending%20Club%20(PT-BR).qvf