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Insurance Claims App

Hi Qlik FS community members,

Here in the Qlik FS Solutions team, we have been busy building new apps for 2017, and the first app we would like to share with you is for Insurance Claims analysis.

After working for over 20 years in the insurance industry I thought it would be a good idea to show how Qlik Sense can be used to analyse a Car Insurance claims portfolio. The app provides:

  • A high level overview of the Insurance Claims with Current Year vs Prior Year Comparison
  • Detailed analysis of claims by vehicle grouping
  • Detection of unusual claims transactions
  • Discovery of data quality issues
  • Claims fraud identification

Here is the YouTube Video that walks through the app:

To achieve this the app uses five sheets to show how this can be achieved.

1.  Claims Summary - Year To Date

This sheet provides an overview of the claims paid to date, with filters that allow the results to be sliced and diced.

2.  Costs Analysis

Analyse claims by vehicle group. Find outliers in the scatter plot and then the dimension drill down in the bar chart to investigate further.

3. Fraud Analysis

This sheet allows users to quickly change the dimensions and measures of the bar chart in order to see trends and patterns. This bar chart alone highlights possible data quality issues in the age of drivers as well examples of possible Third Party claims fraud.

4. Claims by location

The maps on this sheet allow users to drill into more detail about the claims at a geographical level.

5. Claim KPI’s

This sheet uses the Qlik associative Pivot Table to drill down into the detailed claims at a transaction level

Enjoy !


To make the app work, you need Qlik Sense Desktop v3.0 or above and follow these instructions (should take no more than 5 minutes):

1.  Download the app called Insurance Claims.qvf and save it to your Qlik/Sense/Apps folder

2.  The app uses standard Qlik Sense charts, so you don't need to use any Qlik Sense extensions

3.  Open Qlik Sense and open the app called Insurance Claims