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Creator II
Creator II

The idea here is to built bespoke pictorial charts using Qlik Sense Map visualization component. inspired by  Patric Nordstrom's post on building  "Image to Map", I wanted to explore this area of bespoke visualization building process. 

Patric has demonstrated the whole process of building a pictorial visualization from transforming an image to Qlik sense visualization. in my experiment i have used some basic tools like ms-office / paint & Potrace

all of these steps are detailed in the attached documents. it was a fun experience building this app and i have learnt a lot in the space of map, polygonizing, vectorizing, etc. 

The app, i have built is a cricket wagon wheel, where an individual can analyze his scoring patterns, his strong and weak scoring areas etc. As we all know that wagon wheel as a visualization does not exist in QlikSense, i have built this visualization using image to map technique, refer to the build app and documentation below. 

Again, the app is a simple app, no fancy set analysis, coding and scripting. hope you will like this concept. i believe this image to map concept will unlock a whole new potential of visualization. imagine building bespoke visualization for your needs, it can show you the data, interact and help you drill down. this will leverage the visual experience of the users and make it more user friendly.