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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Sports data is often boiled down to mere statistics like goals, wins, blocks, etc. However, there is much more detailed data, such as positional data that can be analyzed. Here we take over 1.8 million shots from 9 seasons of NHL hockey to analyze the best locations for goals, blocks, and more. Powered by the Vizlib Scatter Chart.

Vizlib - NHL Hockey ShotsVizlib - NHL Hockey Shots



NHL teams can use this rich data to analyze and even predict the best locations on the ice for goals and blocks. The visuals of the scatter and ice rink are highly accessible, even to those that are new to analytics and data visualization.

  • Over 1.8 million shots from 33 teams, 2000+ players, over 11,000 games were analyzed.
  • Data was sourced from Kaggle and ESPN data sets
  • Key visualization is the Vizlib Scatter Chart with custom background