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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

This app shows a use case using the TIM Forecasting SSE. The use case features bicycle sharing dataset from Kaggle and shows how to use the SSE to forecast the amount of users of the bicycle sharing service. Apart from the actual forecast, the SSE also gives insight into the model used for forecasting. It shows the importance of the included variables, as well as which transformations and interactions are used in calculating the forecast.

Tangent Works - TIM Forecasting.JPG

Anyone who's interested in following along to this example, or looking at it in more detail, can do so starting at this link.

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This is an amazing integration between two leading technologies.  

  • Solve for a complex data model an the molecular level using Qlik
  • Add "alternative data" to the data model such as weather
  • Extend the investment with a multivariate time series forecast run by Tangent Works

Take a deeper dive and the solution is automatically generating a daily forecast with 24 different models, one for each hour!

Powerful stuff.