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Qlik Gallery is meant to encourage Qlikkies everywhere to share their progress – from a first Qlik app – to a favorite Qlik app – and everything in-between. There’s pride in every project no matter where you are in your Qlik journey.
Gillian Farquhar-Head, Global Customer Marketing

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Plan your projects across multiple groups and phases to stay on track!

Quickly see tasks to complete, explore the live Gantt view, collaborate with your co-workers using Teamwork, and even update task progress, milestones, and more with Writeback. Vizlib Tiles is even used to create a Kanban-style board for tasks. Move from read-only project plans into a living project planning tool to help you run smoothly. Works with data from JIRA, Microsoft Project, etc. Or build your entire project data set in the Qlik application using writeback. No need for an external planning tool.

Download the app (.QVF): https://home.vizlib.com/apps/project-planner/ 

Vizlib Project PlannerVizlib Project Planner





Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni



If you'd like to know more, let us know. 😉


This apps helps people to get better decision on how, where and at what time to get vaccination. It also helps to people to identify which is nearest location from them get vaccination.


Deloitte, QUBData - Risk Monitor.jpeg


You can access the English version of Risk Monitor application by the link (better from the desktop, as you'll want to dig deeper inanalytics): https://riskmonitor.deloitte.ru/hub/ 

For Russian-speaking audience we have a short introductory video (3,5 munites, in Russian, basics on how to work with Risk Monitor app): https://youtu.be/ZRmzP6mhqxk 

"Risk Monitor" is a joint project of Deloitte CIS, Qlik Russia and CIS, QUBData. The application is available both in Russian and in English, and integrates 47 data sources (open data and Deloitte’s data) and provides monitoring for Covid-19 pandemic impact on demographics, economics and manufacturing trends throughout the world. 


Based on the Open data from Public Health Goverment Service, progress in vaccination is shown in two dashboads.

Differently from the official infographic (https://www.governo.it/it/cscovid19/report-vaccini/) in the QlikView app you can navigate data widely and more in depth.

Open data are drawn from Github via rest connector (https://github.com/italia/covid19-opendata-vaccini/)






Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

BOS Explorer.JPG





























To Experience BOS Explorer™ - Click Here


This app shows a use case using the TIM Forecasting SSE. The use case features bicycle sharing dataset from Kaggle and shows how to use the SSE to forecast the amount of users of the bicycle sharing service. Apart from the actual forecast, the SSE also gives insight into the model used for forecasting. It shows the importance of the included variables, as well as which transformations and interactions are used in calculating the forecast.

Tangent Works - TIM Forecasting.JPG

Anyone who's interested in following along to this example, or looking at it in more detail, can do so starting at this link.


This is an app I built to visualize the data from my FitBit.

Jim Vaughan - FitBit Dashboard.jpeg

Contributor II
Contributor II