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With my application, I've the possibility to have a complete monitoring of the applications.

- User usage.

- Application loading.

- Application Usage


This app is utilized to determine the overall and specific allocation and remaining capacity or development resource for Enterprise level projects.  Filters allow for segregation and drill down of data for any number of reporting needs. This allows reporting by fiscal year/month, project type, resource name, role or individual and program projects. The pivot table extensions also allow for more on the fly analysis for Pipeline and In Progress projects.


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Contributor II

Over the years, the Bank of Canada has adjusted the way it sets its key interest rate. This app provides data from StatsCan. The app provides different views of rates from Bank of Canada, money market and other interest rates since 1991.


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Attached the QVF and Theme. The Theme was taken from https://sensetheme.com/gallery and slightly tweaked.


The challenge

Garmin have a great website, full of nice visualisations of activity and a mobile app where you can view tracked activity data.

That's great, right up to the point you want to compare two activities, here it falls down. Other than seeing high level stats side by side, you cant.The solution

Build my own analytics tool to allow me to compare not only statistical data, speed, stroke rate, distance, etc.. but look at the actual GPS trace of the route.

Using a 'free' desktop version of the platform we have adopted to form the front end to our Insights platform, Qlik Sense and activity data downloaded from Garmin Connect I wanted to see how I could visualise the data and build something which gave me what I wanted.

Read more detail here on my blog:  www.Analyticsandthings.com

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Contributor II

This is a manufacturing KPI App showing the timelapses of manufacturing and delivery of every item with an image and custom tooltip for every product. 

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Gitoqlik is an easy-to-use tool for version control in Qlik Sense. 

Gitoqlik could retrieve your load script, serialize diagrams, master items, variables into JSON and store it in the GitHub/Gitlab/Bitbucket. So, you could revert to the previous versions of the application.

Also, you could easily share your Qlik Sense applications and code snippets with Qlik Community and your team. 

Import and reuse objects from QS applications: 
✔ sheets; 
✔ variables;
✔ master items;

For instance, you could import Rob Wunderlich QlikViewComponents into any application by one click.

See more: 




This app has been developed in the context of the Qlik Latam Challenge but now is being implemented in several clients in order to help them come Back To The Office after quarantine!

It uses GeoAnalytics for GeoCoding and GeoBinning for optimal transportation analysis, and an extension to save the assigned groups.

You can find a full navigation video on http://itmaker.com.ar/qlik-latam-challenge or contact me if you want a live demo access to the app <pablo.del.cerro@itmaker.com.ar>





We consumed the Qlik Monitoring Logs and combined that with our employee LDAP information to produce a custom monitoring application where you can view the location, organization and network address of the users of the Qlik Applications. This can be helpful to assess popular reports, unused reports, bottlenecks and potential issues. 

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Contributor II
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