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Adding Together Excel Columns to Display in One Map Layer

I am looking to convert data in an excel sheet to be displayed by the Area Layer within Qlik Sense's Map Chart. 

My data is currently broken up into multiple rows and columns where one company is associated with multiple countries and each country is listed in a different column in excel.  The question I am trying to display is what countries do fast food restaurants have locations in and which of those fast food restaurants overlap countries, but in my data set the countries are listed in random orders.

For example, one country might be the third listed country for one company and thus in the third column, but is listed as the first country and in the first column for another company, so this country only shows to have one company associated with it per layer, when it actually has two companies associated with it because the map only shows one layer for each column at a time. An example of what my data looks like is:

Company     | Country One          | Country Two        | Country Three      | Country Four 

McDonalds  | United States        | United Kingdom  | China                       | Canada 

Burger King | Canada                   | United States         | United Kingdom | Mexico

KFC                 | United Kingdom | Canada                     | United States       | China

I want all of these countries represented in one layer on the map chart so when I click Canada, all three fast food restaurants show up as associated with Canada, even though Canada is listed in a different country column for each fast food restaurant.  Right now, my map chart has four different layers, one for each country column, so when I click Canada under the Country One layer, only Burger King comes up and not the other two, because they are represented in different columns and thus different layers on the map.  Is there any way to make it so all of this data is represented in one layer so when I click on Canada, all three fast food restaurants are linked to it?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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