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Areas in GeoAnalytics in QV

Good evening,

I'm fairly new to GeoAnalytics in QlikView. I need to draw drive time zone in order to analyse a deployment and managed to do so perfectly. I've also been able to count the number of items included in each areas.

What I need now is to be able to identify what belongs to zone A, to zone B, to the area that is common to zone A and B and what is outside of both A and B. My first bet would be some sort of set analysis, but I'm not really sure on how I should proceed, or if it is the right approach at all.

Can anyone provide me some insights on my problem?



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Re: Areas in GeoAnalytics in QV

Hi Nicolas,

The within operation returns a table with relations between the point and the areas.

So a quick way would be to make a pivot table with point id rows, area id as column and =1 as a measure.

1 indicates inside, - (null) outside, no relation.


Patric Nordström


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