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Bubble layer symbols from content library

Hello together,

I try to create a Qlik Sense map report with a bubble layer. The bubbles should show some predefined symbols, which I uploaded to a self-created content library "icons" in the QMC.

Now I try to link to these symbols from the "Bubble Layer/Shape and Size/Image URL" configuration to show in the report.

But the image will not appear. Instead I get a green "standard" bubble.

Here the link methods I tried to input in the Image URL expression editor field:

%RepositoryRoot%\Content\icons\reddot.pngas showed in the Location column of the content library
/content/icons/reddot.pngas showed in the URL path column of the content library
https://example.server.net:1443/content/icons/reddot.pngabsolute path which I got, when clicking on URL path column
RepositoryRoot%/Content/icons/reddot.pngjust to try slash instead of backslash

If uploading the image to some image hoster on the internet, the direct image link works.

Can you help?

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Re: Bubble layer symbols from content library

Hi Andy,

It seems you are doing things correct, the images needs to reside on a server in order to be accessed. And you have changed Shape to "Symbols" under Appearance/ShapeAndSize.

- The only thing I can see might be missing is that the full Image URL needs to be in the path and starting with a ':




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