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Can Qliksense map my excel calculations ?

I have  monthly scorecard created in a excel, which creates a ranking mechanism based on certain KPI's. To automate this calculations currently happening in excel ,How it can be done in Qliksense ?

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Re: Can Qliksense map my excel calculations ?

Hi Prashanth,

The question is a bit vague.

Please refer to this page for a list of aggregations that are possible:


Using these, you'd then decide on the appropriate chart types and bring up your dashboard.

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Re: Can Qliksense map my excel calculations ?

Thanks Karthik for replying.

Just to elaborate on this , what  i am looking for is below (example) . I have an excel sheet which is calculating region wise supplier ranking .


RegionSupplier NameKPI1 indexKPI2 indexKPI3 indexWeight KPI1Weight KPI2Weight KPI3Average weights
Rank region wise

Weight KPI 1 , Weight KPI 2,Weight KPI 3 - To be hardcoded in Qliksense .

Average weights  - Calculation to be done in Qliksense


Rank region wise - Calculation to be done in Qliksense ,Output from Qliksense

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