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Contributor III

Custom area in geo analytics

How can add a custom area using the connector:

I am mapping a county and I have look up errors, so I want to create a custom connector.  I mapped this successfully using a kml map, so I want to use the area field to populate the area in the geo map.

Here is what I did:

I added the county field, and have two area lookup errors North St. Lucie and South St. Lucie.  All of other counties matched up.  So I created a connect with the following information so I can use the KML map area information, it worked fine using this.


I entered the following:


How can I resolve this, or how can I create a custom area using the connector.  I have the field name, zip, long, lat, kml area, long_lat fields in the model.  I have a few fields where I want to create custom area maps using the kml area?  This way I can avoid the look up errors, since the field names will not be included in a traditional map.

Thank you.

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Re: Custom area in geo analytics


maybe  bps can take a look here ?

Good luck


Re: Custom area in geo analytics

Hi Mai,

The name in the location database is "Saint Lucie County".

To get a list of the county names in the location, do the "Load" operation, country code US, type Adm2 area.

If you have areas already loaded with KML you can use them in an area layer.

Add the area as the "Location ID" measure.