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Gray Boxes Appear on Map on First Load


I'm experiencing a strange issue with GeoAnalytics that I cannot seem to find any information on.

The first time a user opens or navigates to a sheet with a GeoAnalytics map, the map shows up with these gray boxes all over it (pictured below).


If a user closes the app, or refreshes the browser the lines disappear and don't reappear for the rest of the day.

Can anyone offer any insight into this issue? Has anyone else experienced this?

We are running GeoAnalytics on Qlik Sense Enterprise April 2018.

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Re: Gray Boxes Appear on Map on First Load


The QGA map view has timeout for the background images, if the load takes to too long, gray boxes are shown to indicate missing data. I would check the network latency, open the JavaScript console in the browser, network tab, to see what response times you get for the map images.