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Help with Drilldown and Geo Data

Hi All,



Can we do below things:

Sheet name is Drilldown sheet where i did all this.

1.placing origin arrow start color different with that of destination end  points

different color.

2. Landing page of the map is leaving more space how can we avoid that. if you want i can send you screen shotimage.png

2. Area layer is not working properly if i dd in the same sheet and map. Do you think we should not do that.

3. Looks like in my data some of the country related data is not good how can i get the right mapping. for example in USA is listed as US or United states does geoanalytics directly recognizes. if there is any documentation and best way to approach for this problem can anyone suggest.

4. Last thing is can i create my own custom dimension like a Region which combines 3 to 4 countries together and use it . Does geoanalytics recongnizes.If so how can i do it is there any documentation.

Please see attached QVF file.

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Re: Help with Drilldown and Geo Data


1. The arrow has the same color as the line. Use instead bubble layer for the start and end points and set the color there.

2a. The map use to repeat itself (ie US multiple times) but that was consider too confusing, hence the clipping of the world.

2b. Shouldn't be a problem mixing area layers and line layers. however keep track of what should be rendered source and/or destination.

3. Check out the docs for the location service and Michael video: Qlik GeoAnalytics - Troubleshooting a location lookup

4. Check out the "dissolve" operation in the connector, does exactly that.

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Overall, using many lines and drill down makes a lot of information, can be confusing to the user. Please use the titles and list boxes to explain what the user is looking at and help him out with the selections.

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