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How to implement Shape files in Multi layer?

Hi all,

  1. How to implement shape files in Multi layer and I have another question How can we use shape files directly in qlikview?we need some software to convert shape files to CSV files by using QGIS software or we can use directly the shape files in qlikview.
  2. What is WMS server and WMTS server in multilayer?

Please help to reach this out...

Thanks in Advance!!!

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Re: How to implement Shape files in Multi layer?

Hello Harini - Shape files are loaded using the Qlik GeoAnalytics Connector:


The .shp and .dbf file should be in zip file and accessible through a url. Dropbox or box is convenient us of storing the files. You should be able to use the shape files as is without conversion.

Being the Idevio acquisition is still in its infancy stages we are working on many examples: Guides & Examples « bi.idevio.com

This one is not yet available.

Being this is an extension all is the same for QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Here is the doc that describes the properties:

Idevio Maps for Qlik Sense reference documentation


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