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Load .dxf File through Geo Connector, correct URL?


I'm using QlikServer 11.24 with a .dxf file loaded into the content library.

I am attempting to load the file through the data editor into my app, using the Geo Connector, as documented.

What is the required format for the URL to enter such that it will load the file?

File:///C:  says ("File commands not allowed"), http:/localhost and https:/localhost and several varieties don't work either.

I would be most grateful for some pointers in the right direction.

Many thanks,


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Re: Load .dxf File through Geo Connector, correct URL?

Hi Pamela,

QGA Plus or QGA Enterprise bundle is required for local file system access.

As workaround place the dxf on dropbox or similar, note must be direct file access.



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