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Time Ranges in Scripting

I have added time ranges to my scripting to group tasks.  It all works fine except for the 12:00 am ranges ... 12:01 am -12:30 am  and   12:31 am -1:00 am will not pick up

        I have tried 00:01-00:30  .... 24:01-24:30

Nothing seems to work.. example

if([Start Time]>='23:31:00 AM' and [Start Time]<='24:00:59 AM',Dual('11:31 PM-12:00 AM',36),  Works fine
if([Start Time]>='00:01:00 AM' and [Start Time]<='00:30:59 AM',Dual('12:01 AM-12:30 AM',37), Does not work

if([Start Time]>='00:31:00 AM' and [Start Time]<='1:00:59 AM',Dual('12:31 AM-1:00 AM',38),  Does not work
if([Start Time]>='1:01:00 AM' and [Start Time]<='1:30:59 AM',Dual('1:01 AM-1:30 AM',39), Works fine
if([Start Time]>='1:31:00 AM' and [Start Time]<='2:00:59 AM',Dual('1:31 AM-2:00 AM',40), Works fine

Any ideas?


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Re: Time Ranges in Scripting

Would you be able to share a sample where this hasn't worked for you?


Re: Time Ranges in Scripting

As you said, wouldn't you need to write '12:01:00 AM'?

if([Start Time]>='00:01:00 AM' a...


Re: Time Ranges in Scripting

Or just use

if([Start Time]>= Maketime(0,1,0)  and ...

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