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can not find the extension for desk top

Hi, Just viewed the Getting Started with Qlik GeoAnalytics

video. The start point is add the extension. But did not know where to find the extension. Folllowed the instruction to this page still did not find the extension.

could Anyone provide a location where I can download the extension

and when you said the extension is \Lisensed\ which means if I use the free version Qliksense desk top, I can not use it?

If I am using the enterprise, I do not have the authorize to add the extension I think, then I let someone add that for me?

Thank you!



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Re: can not find the extension for desk top

Hi Celine,

As of April 10th 2017, Qlik GeoAnalytics is available for download at www.qlik.com

Qlik GeoAnalytics is a licensed product, not free.

Evaluation licenses are available, ask your local Qlik sales rep.


Patric Nordström


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