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is a point inside the geometry?


I have to determinate if a point (x,y) is inside a geometry (polygon, multi-polygon).

Is there a script and/or char function?


Thank you


Riccardo Schillaci
BI Technical Analyst
Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence
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Re: is a point inside the geometry?

Yes, that is the QGA connector operation "Within". Ref manual here:



There is a relation between enclosed and enclosing if enclosed is completely inside the enclosing area. Returns a table which maps between the key in enclosed and the key in enclosing for all found relations. The field names in the returned table will be the same as for the key field in enclosed and enclosing datasets respectively.

Use within typically for finding which areas the data is in. For example to test GPS-position for which administrative area they are in. This is a kind of reverse geocoding.

Parameter Type Use Description
Dataset to test withing on Dataset   A dataset with geometries to test for which areas they are enclosed by.
Area dataset Dataset   A dataset with area geometries to test for which geometries they enclose.


Example here: