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region to country mapping in Idevio Maps



I Am having the country in my data i am using the idevio line layer maps.

I want to show those countries first at the region level and then drill down to country and state level.

can you please provide the country to region mapping which idevio maps can be recognised.

and Can you please help me in writing the condition drill down expresiion from Region->country->state-> city.


thanks in advance

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Re: region to country mapping in Idevio Maps

Hello Naveen,

You need to create your own Region definition first. I guess it is an aggregation of Countries, right?

First you have to create a definition table with two fields: Region, Country

and then use the operation Dissolve, to create the Regions polygons.

See this example for continents, you need to do the same but with regions.

Best Regards,

Ana Yakushi

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