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Contributor II
Contributor II

Interlinking application from different Streams

Hello everyone

Can some one please advice me on the following

Can we Interlink application from different Streams.

Scenario : We have Dashboard 1 and Dashboard 2 in a Stream (A), if we open dashboard 1 we can find dashboard 2 link. 

if we click that link in dashboard 1, dashboard 2 will open. But both dashboards are visible in Stream. 

Is there a way we can hide the dashboard 2 in stream (A) ?


If its not possible can we move dashboard 2 to a different stream (B) and still the link for dashboard 2, in the dashboard 1 works or can we setup something like that ? ( that is moving dashboard 2 to Stream B and trying to access it from Stream A, Dashboard 1 link )

Please advise. Many Thanks in advance

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