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Metadata Analyzer and Private Sheets

I have a question about the metadata analyzer.  Does this utility have the ability to show fields that are being used in private sheets?  We have a couple of apps that were created using a standard data model that was basically set up as a load * from all included tables.  We would now like to create a new data model that only loads the fields that are used in the app, but we have no way of finding the fields that may be used in private sheets.  



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Re: Metadata Analyzer and Private Sheets

Unfortunately no. The goal of the application is to parse the high level metadata relating to app data models. It does not look inside the app. So it wouldn't give you visibility into what fields are used (or unused). That is a fundamentally heavier approach (i.e. it lifts the app into RAM, does parsing) rather than the light-weight API which the App Metadata Analyzer leverages. @rwunderlich 's excellent Document Analyzer is the easiest tool that may achieve this goal.