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Contributor II

80 customers attached to a single task using different recipient filters

We are in the process of migrating Nprinting files from Nprinting 16 version to 19 version. 

One of the NSQ is having only two tasks each having 60-80 different customers/accounts ( recipient records) attached to it.

Each recipient records are having filters for each customer/account and corresponding recipient emails.

Recipient records are not having unique emails, means recipient email id is not linked to only  one account it may be linked to more accounts.

In this case  NP16, currently those  recipients will get reports from all the accounts as separate mails with corresponding account filters.

In NP19, since each recipients are considered as unique entity, how do we handle this scenario.

If more than one filter is applied to the recipient, while adding those recipient to NP19 task, I expect that I will get different emails will be received for each account. But seems all the filters are applied together and results are not correct.

Should we have to create 80 different tasks( with filters linked to each tasks instead of recipients) for handling this scenario as the recipients may be used in some other APP also in future.


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I suggest upgrading to at least April 2020 where you can leverage "Alternate email" feature: https://nprintingadventures.com/2020/06/17/small-big-change-dynamic-email-address/

Once on that version you need to create unique accounts (you may need to create dummy emails for them), but for distribution you can use alternate email which does not to be unique. Filters are assigned to the account/user.


hope this helps 

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