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Creator III
Creator III

A NPrinting report trigger that runs reports on Quarterly basis on the 3rd day?


In our Swedish project we want to set-up a NPrinting report where the report runs once a quarter.

The quarters are Apri, July, October, and January.

We want the report to run on the 3rd day of each of these quarters.

How can I set-up a trigger accordingly?

My thinking was to use the Monthly options, Repeat Every 3 months, and use the "On the" and supply 3rd and Day from the drop down options. Not sure whether this config would be correct so asking for help.

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what you are saying may actually work. It is hard to test though as you would have to wait few months for results:)

My approach is usually more explicit - see here:https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-NPrinting-Discussions/NPrinting-Quarterly-Task-Trigger-in-June-20...

The principle is that i would run report on 3rd day of each month but condition would return true for the months i want it to run.




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