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Contributor III
Contributor III

Access violation error openning NPrinting report


I've created a report and I just can edit it anymore, every time I try I get the following error "violation at address 00402B5A in module 'NPrinting.exe'.Write of addresse 00000004."

The funny part is I can still run the task for this report without any problem.

Can someone help me please.


Robert V

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Create the same report onto another PC (Designer). Able to open and edit it .

Already opened a case at support for it.

Thanks for your support

Creator III
Creator III

Please post the response you get from support.


Creator III
Creator III

We had the same issue occur.  We found that qlikview was in the task manage but not in the application list.

We killed the task and nprinting was able to open the document

Note: this was all on the local machine.  we were not working with files on the server but I would imagine the same issue would occur.