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Adding Images to a Native PPT table using NPrinting


We have a couple charts in Qlikview that we would like to recreate (not as images) in NPrinting in a native PPT chart.

NPrinting puts the link in the table but not the image. This can probably be done by a PPT macro but I wanted to see if there was any way to do it with NPrinting.

Thanks for the input and assistance!

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Hi Lana,

The chart in your screenshot does not look (to me) like a native PowerPoint chart. Is it? You can use QlikView tables (as the data source) to create native PowerPoint charts in NPrinting:

How to Create a PowerPoint Chart using Native QlikView Tables

HTH - Daniel.

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Sorry but that is not helpful.

That chart is in Qlik. I want to know specifically how to add them images in when they are text links in the Qlik data. Please note this is a dynamic report.


Hi Lana,

You did mention that you want to create native PowerPoint charts - not images.

- Daniel.

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Native PowerPoint chart with images in a table using NPrinting just like the image I attached.

The chart shows logos of different retailers so it will be dynamic. I want to know how to show the image and not a text link in a table. 

Does that make sense or I could try to clarify further?