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Adding objects in Nprinting PixelEditor.


I  am newbie to Nprinting,

While adding objects, a Table Popups, which contains Columns Name, ID and Connection.Shown in figure.

If i want  particular table to be added in PixelEditor, how could i differentiate(as now i am able to see same name in Column Name) or how could i know that i am adding that particular required table.


Can anyone explain me what those indicates?

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Re: Adding objects in Nprinting PixelEditor.


Once you add a table it's Id will be shown in the "Table" section in the left pane (highlighted in the below image).

And if you associate that table with table option in Pixel Perfect Report then the ID will displayed once again as shown in the below image,


In this way you can identify various tables. Hope this helps!



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Re: Adding objects in Nprinting PixelEditor.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for reply, but i have to mention that, i am using NPrinting 17.2.0 with qliksense 3.0 , with this combination, we are not able to find table objects, we can only pull or find fields preceded by F/objectID and graphs/chart (like pie and bar) preceded by o/objectID. otherthen this  we wont find table objects.

This might be a bug or i might be not knowing some information regarding this.