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Advance excel formulas in Excel Report

Hi Friends ,

I have a situation , i want to export the data of chart in excel sheet , and using that data i want to create one chart in other sheet.

Please help on this !



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Re: Advance excel formulas in Excel Report

Hey there,

Please share with us a better explanation on what you are trying to achieve, I didn't understood very well.

Is this your case?

  • You have a qvw where you want to export de data from a chart (Straight or Pivot Table)
  • Using the data from that excel exported to create a new sheet in the qvw

Best regards,

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Re: Advance excel formulas in Excel Report

Actually i have one bar chart in qlikview dashboard , so client want that we should export bar chart data into excel using Nprinting and inside the template we need to generate the same bar chart in template so that when user will generate the excel using on demand extension then bar chart should automatically changes when excel data changes.

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Re: Advance excel formulas in Excel Report

Create a Excel template which data to export in specific columns and Use these reference columns to generate chart in excel .

Initially,In template you may have blank bar chart, try using Preview you can see the chart after exporting data.


Re: Advance excel formulas in Excel Report

Here is a way to do it in PowerPoint: How to Create a PowerPoint Chart using Native QlikView Tables

and here is Excel: How to Create MS Excel Charts from Qlikview Data

To access the data behind the chart in QlikView, add the chart as a table inside the NPrinting designer.

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